Now I'm gonna tell you about the bedding. The good bedding is Carefresh. It lasts a while. Pine Shaving aren't good for them. Now lets talk about hay. Timothy Hay is the best kind you could give them. You should replace the hay every day. Now lets talk about health. Since they can't produce Vitamin C, you gotta give them some. Their's enough Vitamin C in Bell Peppers. But, you can also put drops in their water. BUT, they might not drink because they don't like the flavor. So I just give them their Bell Peppers. And they really need love! That's the most important thing, love. (Actually, them living is more important) I guess if they were dead their wouldn't be joy in the world. So their health is more important. I hope you go by the rules in Cavyville and give them what they need! Too many baby carrots can cause liver cancer in Cavies. And my Lily eats about TWO baby carrots a day. WHICH IS HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! You're supposed to give them a baby carrot EVERY OTHER DAY. So from now on that's what I'm gonna do. I hope you do the same

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